Wear Your Vibe Jewellery

Wearable Art that Feels Like You
Exquisite Natural Stone Jewellery Design ~ Custom One-of-a-Kind Jewelery.

A lost tradition of ancient healers understood that certain stones help the Earth’s Natural healing vibration and learned to use and wear them wisely. Natural crystals, gems and rare stones have been used for centuries to help realign the subtle energies of the body, mind and emotion.

Wearing the right gem for you simply feels good and helps you be your best. Natural gemstones have long been known for their unique healing properties and helping to raise consciousness, energy levels and confidence. Most of our clients tell us our pieces simply “feel right” and “makes me feel good about me”. Some people notice heightened awareness, calmness, tingly energy, sense of protection and confidence or a sense of aura expanding joy.

These eye-catching pieces get you noticed for you.
These wearable works of art are uniquely created for you. They combine the natural beauty of rare stones which are hand selected for their unique quality and vibrational energy. Then custom designed to enhance your mood, outfit, or special occasion.

Come on in, look around and let your stones choose you. Often there’s one piece that keeps drawing you back, one stone just feels more right than others, relax and let your intuition guide you. Tell us your favorite gems and occasion and we’ll create a wearable work of art that’s uniquely you.


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