Paintings by Gesina

Born in the  North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany , Gesina chose to build a life in Canada in her 20s attracted to the country’s natural beauty.  Mostly self-taught,  she always had a talent for painting, however only became an artist years after she came to Canada in 1961 and marveled at the beautiful landcapes.

When her husband Michael lovingly pushed her into local art classes, she found her passion for long nature walks and communing with wildlife inspired her subjects.  From 1974 to 1979 she painted hundreds of paintings from flowers to  wildlife.

As a history buff, Gesina took interest in historical sites and landmarks, her paintings of places like the St. Stephens Church and Lachine Canal became popular purchases by locals for wedding and anniversary gifts.  Groups like the Lachine Curling Club hung her paintings with plaques as bonspiel prizes.  Her paintings have even adorned the offices of Parliament Hill offices of MPs and Ministers of the Crown.

For over 20 years, a demanding career in International Traffic, her return to University  to complete a History degree, and family life resulted in only three paintings.

Her love for nature and all its creatures would not be denied forever as her most favorite painting subject.  Gesina retired to the Gatineau Hills of Quebec and began painting again in 2001 with new enthusiasm.  Now expanding her expression into portraits and moments in world history.


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