Welcome to Crowley Artists.

The Crowley name hails from County Cork Ireland so virtually all Crowley’s are related somehow, many relate through art. This website is designed to showcase the natural talent of our Crowley family. Three generations of Crowley women who are moved to express themselves in the world in their own unique way.

Gesina Crowley – A spirited 75 year old grandmother who’s paintings capture the essence of a moment in time, in history or in the eyes of nature both human and animal. Ina is a multi-talented artist who’s a realist in art and life. She expresses her wonder observing the world for nearly 8 decades through oil paintings, acrylics, watercolour, stained glass and even colourful flowered ponds in her garden.

Stephany ~ An entrepreneurial mom who’s tonic for insomnia is making exquisite natural stone jewelery pieces. With a mother driven to express her creativity, she couldn’t help herself. She found nature’s energy refracted in a different light, through the many facets of the rare jewels she calls “Wearable Art”.

Kyra – Serene ~ Sometimes a teen drama queen, with a mature and melodic voice that demonstrates her commitment to music. She may have had a great-grandmother who sang opera, and a grandmother who sang her hymns to the Divine, but Kyra’s voice is always uniquely her own. Kyra plays piano, saxophone, is a lovely flutist and is teaching herself guitar, but her soul has always wanted to sing her song. Follow her journey as she discovers how to express her song in the world.

We’re just getting started, more artistic expressions on the way.

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